Turkish Cologne

Turkish Cologne is a scented alcohol-based hand sanitiser found in almost every home and business. Being offered a friendly splash of Turkish Cologne into cupped hands, to rub together as it evaporates, is a tradition and cultural rite that has kept individuals healthy, while helping control bacteria and virus epidemics, since Ottoman times, and long before. I dare say there are other colognes, but when it comes to sanitary usage, Turkish Cologne is like French Champagne or Greek Olives, an international market leader.

So Knidos, once an ancient capital of high antiquity in the Hellenistic period with its own famous medical school, now a scenic archeological site on the Turkish Datça peninsula, became the inspiration behind a contemporary range of premium and artisanal colognes. Blending Mediterranean and Agean herbs, fruits and flowers into an aromatic remedy for a crowded world, Opal Oceans is a splash or spray on elixir of life that kills germs in a way that Hippocrates would admire, and Aphrodite would embrace.