From the Polymath Portfolio, a brand which finds the right Founder Owner will establish LTD status and draft a three year business plan to apply for SEIS advance assurance. Once secured, shares are priced off a cap value that includes the maximum allowable £150k SEIS investment into the company (70% must be spent as projected in the business plan that within 6 months to qualify for SEIS relief). You can invest a £10k minimum direct in the LTD at this stage, to keep the shareholder base tight for future raises.

Additional finance at this early stage can come in convertible loans at the SEIS share conversion price with 3 year terms and low interest rates, or as asset finance for different types of lease or loan agreements secured against an asset, in return for shares priced at the early cap value price. New brand offers or issues are posted in the Forging Ahead section of the Home page, where Polymath blogs regular updates on the brand development journey, including any other raises on outside platforms or markets like Seedrs.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and all sorts of scenarios that play out during this early phase of a brand’s development. This is where Polymath Creations can contribute most to a brand’s successful development relatively speaking, offering a wide range of services within a creative, flexible value for money charging structure that helps the brand build towards the next phase in development, especially if that requires further investment to consolidate market position. If there is a way to a reasonable aim, we will help you find it.