There’s nothing stopping Founder Owners bringing their brand ideas to us, or even their ideas that need strong branding. As long as the idea fits into the Polymath Brand Portfolio, we’d use the same Polymath method to develop what we’d call an outside brand, but would treat like one of our own. A Founder Owner would come to us for a rounded service and to retain as much ownership and control in the early startup phases of brand development as possible. Together we’d look to forge a special relationship that forges a special brand.

Once a brand has reached a certain stage of development and cap value, there are more external finance options to choose from. For example, a raise target of £100k or more opens up a crowd equity funding market place like Seedrs, for a % of equity that can be calculated off a projected cap value that takes account of where the money raised will get the brand to value wise, say 6 months after the raise if it’s SEIS or EIS shares. Polymath is part of a team effort that helps a brand prepare to take advantage of that opportunity.

Polymath investors know that a Polymath backed brand has the lowest early stage failure rate. We haven’t lost one yet! Maintaining that 100% success rate is very important to us, while it lasts it’s the ultimate USP and our top priority. It’s also in our financial interests, since we are closely aligned with a new brand’s growth and progress from the earliest stage through a value for money charging structure that includes share bonus incentive agreements, rather than exorbitant fees that a startup needs for itself.