Sector: Accommodation / Adventure Holidays / Staycation

Creative Spark: Outside Client

Flagship Product: Sandy Neuk

Current Status: Active

First Development Phase:

A three bed terraced property in Barnoldswick, Lancashire was purchased and modernised with original features like antique pine floorboards fully restored, ready to convert into an Airbnb catering to summer tourists and passing business trade, with most local hotels operating at 95% capacity pre-Covid, in a second development phase. Marketing campaign work for Sandy Neuk involved establishing The Douglas Challenge as a wild water swimming event that helps to spread bookings into the low season, and attracting authors and other artists to rent the beach front property loved by Robert Louis Stevenson in the off season, with an RLS descendent and free speech campaigner booked in for winter 2021/2022 to get the ball rolling.

Brand Backstory:

Every good house is a base for some endeavour. Every good endeavour is a house for some memory. Every good memory is a privilege that someone, somewhere, has paid for. Every good book provokes livid moods and vivid memories.

With apologies to RLS!