Every brand in the Polymath Portfolio on the Home page needs a Polymath Partner, unless it has one already. Typically, an entrepreneur with the right interest and preparation will apply to become brand Founder Owner, to take the brand back into the market, with new energy and ideas backed up by the Polymath method. A standard partnership, like with Ebru Evrim LTD, first establishes a platform for SEIS advance approval which enables the brand to draw on £150k equity investment to get it going.

From there, it’s horses for courses, with Polymath Creations and Founder Owner working together to grow the brand over the critical first three year period. This startup phase is both the toughest and the most rewarding time to contribute to a brand’s development, where risk of failure is most acute but at the same time genuine innovations are most likely to emerge. The arrival of a Founder Owner means the brand is going back into the startup forge, wherever it is in the Polymath brand development cycle.

A hundred years ago a crisis usually meant inflation, a tightening of credit and difficult conditions for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to grow. Nowadays, it’s just the opposite, a crisis results in an expansion of credit and a reduction of interest rates, and good conditions for startups and small businesses. So Polymath Creations thinks it’s a good time to bring brands to the market this way, as long as governments who’ve facilitated this process don’t get too big for their boots.