Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted, just like investment in balance sheet intangibles like a brand’s backstory and early development. There is less time to allow a brand to bed into a market place naturally, which places an extra onus on getting things right from the beginning, so that a brand makes its market debut as close to fully fledged as possible, and ready after minimal tweaks and additions to spread its wings, catch the internet thermals, and fly fearlessly towards its opportunity.

While traditional marketing method requires awareness of so many overlapping disciplines, there isn’t much that affects the success or failure of your business, brand, campaign or expedition that isn’t fundamentally affected by the four P’s – Positioning, Price, Promotion and People – which is why a Polymath Creations business plan finds time and space for their integrated consideration from the outset. Get those basics right at the planning stage, and a brand is well on the way to success.

Once the basics are in place, it’s out into the market place, where we believe it’s best to bring balance to launches and subsequent campaigns, between digital and traditional marketing methods. That often translates into a straight 50:50 budget allocation split, into advertising on social media platforms, and an effective events programme. Both require different disciplines, and while online turns the world into your market, nothing beats customer loyalty from face to face contact at the right event.