Brand Development Agency

Polymath Creations harnesses an unprecedented accumulation of third world, emerging and developed economy experience to create brands and bring them to the market using a design to reality process that brings creative dreams back to business earth.

Typically, Polymath Founder Jonathan Roberts uncovers an opportunity, sometimes in the most unpromising of situations, that the Polymath design to reality method helps transform into a viable brand that slots into the Polymath Brand Portfolio.

From there, basic Project Management skills are billed out by project or by month, Business Consultancy services monthly as a retainer, with specialist Marketing services including intangibles like early brand development charged on a project basis for campaigns and a retainer basis for ongoing guidance.

Ebru Evrim, a state of the art Yoga and Pilates studio with its own activewear brand, needed Project Management skills to design and build the studio, Business Consultancy services for finance, and Marketing for brand development and campaigns.

Cosmetics sector startup Opal Oceans, a recent addition to the Polymath Brand Portfolio at the end of the initial brand development phase, has developed its first cologne and hand lotion range, due to hit the market late summer with product sales revenue going direct to Polymath Creations.

Undercurrent Affairs, an alternative media brand established to defend freedom of speech and expression with its own literary genre, Abstract Definition, is launching soon as a membership and subscription service selling merchandise with revenue going direct to Polymath Creations.

Inter Home Office was developed during the Covid panic as an international home office option, available through Airbnb or iHomeOffice sites from September on when international business travel begins to open out again, with payment going direct to Polymath coffers.

A Polymath brand with a Founder Owner partner like Ebru Evrim can register as a limited company, for Polymath to guide through next stage organic, equity or debt financed growth using SEIS / EIS schemes and platforms like crowd equity funders Seedrs.

Polymath has developed its own creative and flexible charging structure tailored to each brand, a system dedicated to getting startups going, where Polymath aligns itself with what will work best for a brand’s growth and development.

With a healthy portfolio of brands at different stages of development, and a full audit of the equity and debt financing market for early stage growth complete, Polymath Creations will be ready for the next step along its own development path, as an FCA accredited LLP investment vehicle.

So let the sparks fly!