When the brand or business matures, that could lead to a position on the board, where a Polymath director can comfortably occupy a pivotal position between the Founder Owner, and the more conventional business executives and non-executives, who have mostly been forced by career to sacrifice wider experience and a more general skill set in favour of specialised roles in their chosen sector. It takes a lot of knowledge and self-discipline to resist being driven towards specialisation in what you’re best at.

The harmonious development of individual possibilities is exactly what a polymath strives to achieve in their own career development, an aim that is directly at odds with modern social expectations. The longer this type of development is allowed to progress, the more valuable it becomes, in any context. There are so many highly trained specialists out there, all clamouring for the attention and opportunity to establish themselves at the top of their professions. A Polymath director brings a refreshing change of attitude to the table!