Sector: Healthy Living / Wellness

Creative Spark: The Covid accelerated migration from big cities to market towns and their surrounding areas, and changes in the hight street brought about by the decline in the retail sector, presented a clear opportunity to come up with new brands like Ebru Evrim to gain a foothold.

Flagship Product: Ebru Evrim Activewear

Main Service: Yoga and Pilates classes in state of the art studio

Current Status: Active / Forging Ahead

Founder Owner Ebru Evrim is preparing a Seedrs equity crowd funding pitch deck to raise capital to consolidate the brand and take advantage of opportunities to pick up new business in the area from competitors who have been forced to close or alter their business models due to Covid. A small raise now will also pave the way to a bigger raise for a market town brand expansion programme when the Skipton market town prototype branch and with additional revenue streams from activewear and a local festival is consistently profitable.

Ebru Evrim studio activewear window display, available online at Ebru Evrim store

First Development Phase:

Most first early phase development effort after corporate identity logo work went into the design and build of the physical studio, retail and social area space, work which took 6 months to opening in Nov 2019, and was fully completed in Feb 2020. Membership sales were well ahead of projections after the first three month of trading, during which time the Ebru Evrim designed and branded activewear shipment arrived. Covid was an opportunity to pay off restoration costs, stress test the business model, fine tune the management structure, add online classes to hold onto members, develop the online activewear platform, and, with the help of Covid loans, grants and support, tread water.

Second Development Phase:

The way things went in the first trading quarter, it looked like the next phase of development would be branch expansion via a funding round according to the original business plan projections. However Covid has opened up another path to branch expansion which includes a second, or brand prototype expansion phase of development, as a small interim step that improves studio layout and capabilities while adding a couple of strings to the Ebru Evrim bow. With Covid accelerating fundamental shifts in favour of the Ebru Evrim brand, there is now an opportunity to acquire the business premises and add a second Yoga studio with greater class capacity that will provide more class flexibility and member satisfaction to a larger membership base than originally projected. It makes sense to develop a bespoke Ebru Evrim designed Full Works payment and booking plan at the same time, and go aggressively at the market for Ebru Evrim activewear with a consistent investment in online marketing backed up by a dynamic events programme that features retreats, workshops and festivals, including an Ebru Evrim sponsored Soul Cycle festival in the Dales close to the Skipton studio.

Brand Backstory

Ebru, the Founder Owner of Ebru Evrim, was born in Samsun, Turkey. She studied and worked in Istanbul between 1999 and 2015 first in a pathology laboratory and then the advertising sector, building experience working for mainstream and digital advertising agencies. During this time she was increasingly drawn to health, beauty, fashion and wellbeing, especially Yoga and Pilates, and between 2011 and 2014 she looked after Bruno’s Kuaför, a beauty salon client, gaining first hand experience of launching and marketing a high street startup in an up and coming district of central Istanbul, first as an Account Manager on the agency side, and later as Business Manager on the client side.

Adverse business conditions in Turkey and the region during 2013 and after forced Bruno’s off the high street after three ground breaking years, but opened up an opportunity to move to the Yorkshire Dales with her family and train as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher in India, after which she started to teach Yoga and Pilates classes out of Village Halls and other local Dales venues.

While there is a very complex side to Yoga movements and meditation, it tends more to the artistic, so it was a natural step for her to begin to train to teach Polestar Pilates, which while sharing many similarities with Yoga, tends to the more scientific in approach and outlook. These disciplines complement each other, and complete Ebru’s holistic healthy living circle.

Yoga and Pilates in the healthy living sector is leggings, tops, vests and hoodies. A keen eye for fashion combined with digital media awareness has allowed Ebru to develop and showcase her version of that on a fast growing instagram account with 25k followers where she models her favourite clothes, using classic poses in stunning rural and urban locations.

As Ebru was busy blending her different talents, the high street was undergoing an internet driven transformation which has opened it up to change of use planning applications for space previously reserved for traditional retail. When the right property came up for commercial lease, she was ready to transform her mobile freelance business into a market town centre brand with a state of the art studio and a retail area for an Ebru Evrim branded activewear range.

Ebru Evrim does The Warrior Pose on Conistone Pie in the Yorkshire Dales