The first ever emerging market created and stress tested brand parody launched in the up and coming Galata district of Istanbul between 2011 and 2014, Bruno’s defied expectations by lasting three years and reaching profitability despite threadbare working capital and human resource handicaps. A Güneşten Ad Agency brandchild killed off by a power struggle when it was just beginning to do its ice breaking job, and make money, by those that needed it most. So a victim of human nature in its first high street outing, and outside of emerging markets sure to be a victim of Sacha Baron Bottom’s lawyers if there was to be a second, without his permission. Come to think of it, who’s to say Sir Baron Bottom won’t be up for the cultural challenge? He’s scraping the bottom of his creative barrel in Hollywood with his politically directed Borat rerun, harassing the kind of people who are the cornerstone of American prosperity, freedom and tolerance – especially his own. Presumably he’s just bored, or needs to pay the bills, or Hollywood wears his trousers? He never used to be the kind of coward who played along to the crowd, let alone such an elitist establishment one.

aim to develop a marketing edge over competition by challenging cultural taboos