Sector: Advertising and Marketing

Creative Spark: Istanbul has a feminine aura, more lunar than solar, and relatively low incomes mean moonlighting is widespread as a way to bump up salaries or freelance income. Ay Design was created to connect international clients with top Turkish talent for digital projects.

Flagship Service: Digital advertising and marketing

Current Status: Active

Ay Design is a hub for anyone looking to freshen things up with high quality low cost emerging market design. The extra hunger delivers the extra edge. If you plan to sell your products or services into emerging markets, and you can’t afford the time or money to visit to discover subtle cultural variations and positioning that your branding will require, Ay Design moonlighters can help you cut to the chase.

First Development Phase:

Ay Design was a bridge back to contacts created over a 10 year period working in the Advertising sector in Istanbul, for small, cost effective digital and particularly social media work. That worked so well, we offered the service to family and friends. Ay Design offers excellent value for money graphic design and software development, and social media support services, and has potential to grow.

Brand Backstory:

Polymath Creations has drawn a lot of inspiration and experience from a decade spent in Istanbul, where difficult conditions and a special atmosphere seem to encourage the creation of high quality creative work. Ay Design was put together to take advantage of that. So far it has been sparsely used, and perhaps what it needs to take it to the next stage is a Founder Owner, or even a buyer.

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