The Bass Rock Swim

While most expeditions require plenty of preparation, a challenge can be quite private and spontaneous, and even reckless, like being dared by your mates to swim across the Thames in the dark after one too many at your local. The Douglas Challenge is a more calculated risk reward effort that sorts the men from the boys, a wild wetsuit free North Sea swim from the Bass Rock to Cliff View beach next to the Black Douglas seat of Tantallon Castle near North Berwick, to test hypothermia limits. If you can answer a question like ‘did you just swim from the Bass Rock’ through chattering teeth and frozen jaw, you’re still in your comfort zone!

Tantallon Castle, seat of the infamous Red Douglas clan, and the Bass Rock
The landing zone at Seacliff beach, just under the Castle, at low tide
stairway to 12 degrees
half way house, bass rock and lighthouse arrière, sea gulls circling
1hr 20 mins later, cold to the core, crowd build up at the finish line, home and hosed!