Polymath Creations harnesses an unprecedented accumulation of third world, emerging and developed economy experience to create brands and bring them to the market using a design to reality process adaptable to diverse environments.

Typically, the Founder Director Jonathan Roberts uncovers an opportunity, sometimes in the most unpromising of situations, that with the comprehensive design to reality approach, can be transformed into a viable brand.

Nothing explains this better than cosmetics sector startup Opal Oceans, a recent addition to the Polymath portfolio created out of the Covid crisis, launched with a flagship cologne range universally accepted as a vital part of efforts to improve international hand hygiene.

But it was exactly the same with Undercurrent Affairs, an alternative media brand established to defend freedom of speech and expression with its own literary genre, Abstract Definition, though anything designed to do that touchy job won’t be banking on universal recognition.

Everyone knows that a fast moving consumer good is a better income stream bet than satire, but who denies that satire is an indispensable element of free speech, without which there is no imperfect market based capitalism for brands like Opal Oceans to thrive in?

Who could have predicted that some home truths would end up having more chance of being delivered by SuperCat, a fossil fuel guzzling mobile billboard brand for truck and trailor side advertising, than a squeaky clean Facebook, Twitter or Google?

Polymath takes payment for its services in hourly project management fees, modest monthly retainers and three year performance related convertible debenture bonuses, so as to minimise the burden on the startups it creates in the crucial first three years.

This is possible because Polymath was itself created to take a balanced, long term view; and because of the nature of the beast, which can point a wall, prepare a share offer, publish a book, predict a phenomenon, or expose a fallacy, as part of forging a new brand – so let the sparks fly!